About Me

I’m Domina Cloe. Mature Lifestyle Mistress. Totally Convinced of Her Role, with all that it entails. I Live in Madrid and I Practice FEMDOM since ……. Ufffffff, Long time!

In fact, always!

I try to spread My Personal Experience and I invite to live different and intense sensations to all the people that trust in Me to live their submission, or to initiate themselves in it.

This new project that I have in mind for some time, at the end is a fact.

I know that a web page is very common in our days, but for Me (Mature and old generation) is a great project, given my dispute with technology. ! HAHAHA!.

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domina cloe con antifaz en su trono

My Rules

You can only show yourself to My Feet and approach to Me if you respect, assume and fullfill My Rules.

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About Me

Mature Lifestyle Mistress. Absolutely Convinced about Her Role, with all that it entails. I live in Madrid …

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My FemDom Concept

First of all you should know that for Me, Female Domination or FEMDOM, is not a game…

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Real Sessions

In person Sessions. Where your fantasy about submitting to a True Female Domina, becomes real and true.READ MORE »

2 Mistresses

Sessions with 2 Mistresses are always done with Me and another of My friends Dominas totally Confidence…READ MORE »

Long Time

For those who wish to live The FemDom Essence. Sessions can be from 3 hours, to days or weeks.READ MORE »

FemDom Courses

Mistresses Training courses, are taught in my house individually or collectively and will be held every month.READ MORE »

BDSM for Couples

Courses and workshops for couples, are intended to help people who are new into BDSM and who have curiosity and concern.READ MORE »

Special Sessions

Sessions requiring external elements, specific locations and other fantasies to build a not classical Domina/sub session.READ MORE »

Remote FemDom

For those who can’t prostrate themselves before Me. Session can be done by Skype, telephone, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc …READ MORE »

Financial FemDom

From the moment you expose your fantasies and offer yourself as a financial submissive, your pathetic life is in My Hands.LEER MAS »

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Everyone who knows me knows my taste for comfort, discretion and purity of FEMDOM.

They also know that I don’t like the multitudinous events, nor the bdsm parties of these last times, where I see only hypocrisy and, in many cases, bad forms and malpractice.

But I like to meet with my friends, share laughs and experiences, and ultimately, have a good time with our submissives.

That is what THE 4 LETTERS CLUB (O-B-E-Y) was born

And under these Premises I organize periodically FEMDOM TEA. An Event, which can only be attended by Rigorous Invitation.

We meet in my house. Where I live. The place where I enjoy. The Site in which I practice and feel what I am and what I like. And where I put my rules.

All TEA guests are informed of the Rules and Protocol that I Impose in these events. In My House, I never allow alcohol, drugs or other substances that put participants at risk.

Before concluding the meetings, LADIES and submissives visualize and give consent for photos and videos taken to be published and uploaded to the networks.

I’ve only received congratulations from all the guests, and that is what really matters to me. Keep the Good Customs, the SSC game, the good Praxis and above all, encourage true friendship in the FEMDOM.

You’re all welcome to my home if you ever want to attend one of our FEMDOM TEA.

Limited Places!

Hurry up! This is your chance to get a place in the next FemDom Tea!


Do you want to see My Videos? Do it now!



Las Rozas (Madrid)

+34 674 166 687


Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 21:00


If you need to prostrate yourself before Me as submissive or have any doubts, speak to Me with education and respect.

You’ll be answered as soon as possible.

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